Effortless generation of inspection reports

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Detailed inspection planning is essential for quality assurance. However, the creation of inspection reports such as First Article Inspection (FAI) or customer-specific reports for inspection planning involves considerable manual effort.

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Easily generate complete inspection reports with BCT Inspector as a basis for inspection planning.

To generate inspection reports, lots of inspection characteristics such as geometry and component properties must be identified, numbered, and documented. The mostly manual transfer of the data into a table of values and the generation of the corresponding inspection reports represent an additional time factor and an increased risk of error in the quality process.


Reduction of manual efforts to a minimum

Thanks to the automated identification, ballooning and tabular documentation of all design features based on the drawing or the 3D model (dimensions, tolerances, etc.), the use of BCT Inspector can reduce manual efforts for inspection report generation to a minimum and significantly reduce the risk of errors. The characteristics are assigned a unique characteristic number throughout the entire life cycle and can then be processed according to the requirements of the inspection planning. A design-independent completion or change of the information relevant for quality assurance is possible without any problems.


"By automating the process of extracting and ballooning, we save up to 50 percent of the time needed to create inspection plans.“

Christoph Ackermann, Design Engineer R&D,
Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH

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With BCT Inspector, you too can significantly improve your inspection planning times and give your product and process quality a major boost. Take quality management to the next level.

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