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Classification and standardization

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  • Capture and supply expert knowledge in libraries

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In the manufacturing industry a sustainable standardization can create space, time and money for significant investments. 

Companies in the manufacturing industry are facing two challenging trends. First, the products must become more and more customized in order to survive on the market. Reasons are the increased demands of the customers, shorter lifecycles of the products as well as an increased fragmentation of the markets. Also, due to the globalization many companies are active in several countries and must comply with the legal requirements.

Second, the pressure for standardization increases in companies, if they want to remain competitive. This goes hand in hand with the growing complexity of the products, that results in growing development costs. Also, the competition has significantly increase due to de-regulation. Hence, in several companies of the manufacturing industry, standardization is gaining in importance.

Not surprising, as significant cost reduction potentials rise from a sustainable standardization strategy. And not only from reducing single design variants but from generally standardized processes in all relevant areas of the product lifecycle.

This is why the implementation of a standardization strategy should be a matter for decision at the managemet level and coordinated and promoted as such.

Case Study

MTD Products refines its standardization strategy in Teamcenter with BCT aClass

Reuse & classification in the design department.

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BCT aClass - Structured Storage and Re-use of Product Data

The structuring and reuse of product data and knowledge in the development process as part of a standardization strategy becomes more important in all branches of the manufacturing industry. Intelligent classification systems are paramount.

BCT aClass is the most efficient and flexible classification solution for the Teamcenter environment. As add-on for Teamcenter Classification BCT aClass supports managing, searching, and using engineering objects or any other information that is part of the product lifecycle. It has been proven that using BCT aClass provides a clear savings of time, money and effort when it comes to reusing existing engineering objects and avoiding the creation of either redundant or unnecessary new objects.


'The global filter functionality in BCT aClass allows flexible multi-stage standardization of our purchase part range.'

Dr. Florian Schüssler
Siemens Healthcare


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Automatic Classification of CADENAS catalog parts

Classify CADENAS commercial parts automatically with BCT aClass to improve data quality and search for attributes


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Geolus Analysis Tool for part classification with BCT aClass and Teamcenter

Geolus 3D geometric search, optional component of BCT aClass, enables an extremely fast search of geometrically similar parts in heterogeneous datasets. It analyzes the 3D geometry of the parts and automatically extracts characteristics.

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Library Management and Classification

with BCT aClass and Teamcenter

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