BCT 3D-Raster

Transferring Raster Drawings into the Digital Process

Standardized process. Easy access. Reuse. Further processing.

BCT 3D-Raster closes the gap between hand drawings, old CAD systems and the implementation/use of NX.

Combination of raster drawings and 3D models in NX. 

Valuable product knowledge and purchased part data based on raster, scanned drawings and proprietary legacy CAD data are often managed in a separate process outside the main CAD and PLM environment. The problems associated with having separate processes and the difficulty in accessing this data that is out of the main stream, result in additional expenses and time. Loss of valuable engineering knowledge due to the difficulty in finding it again has a measurable negative impact.

BCT 3D-Raster integrates 2D paper or electronic data (e.g. TIFF, PDF, HPGL, legacy CAD etc.) into NX and Teamcenter, where the software allows the data to be stored and edited without having to spend any additional effort to migrate the data into a vector format. By doing this a single standardized process can be established that also includes this raster data. This process provides easy access to this data and makes it possible to edit and add to the drawings without having to recreate them. Having the data in the same tools and processes means that it will allow the migration of legacy systems and provide a single go forward approach supporting a completely digital workflow.

Use Cases


reaster drawings within NX


electronic drawings for company-wide information provision


of raster data for future design engineering 



  • Legacy data is available completely and transparent
  • Consistent company processes for this data
  • Coverage of all requirements regarding security and quality through integration of 2D data and electronic data into the digital process

Basic functionality

  • Import of 2D raster data (e.g. TIFF, CALS, FORMTEK, JOG, GIF, PDF) into either the NX model or the drawing mode and automatically into Teamcenter

  • Generation of a consistent data type: a raster/vector file in .prt format

  • Raster editing (e.g. edit, copy, scale, rotate, map, etc)

  • Intelligent point constructor supports the user in creating intelligent points that can be used to provide typical NX vector operations without having to vectorize the entire drawing

  • De-speckling functionality improves the quality of the raster data

  • Large quantities of raster files can be converted interactively or in batch mode into NX files and into Teamcenter via BCT 3D-Raster Advanced

  • BCT 3D-Raster Advanced provides various configuration possibilities (target folder, mapping of attributes, settings for Item and ItemRevision), and Teamcenter specific settings for batch mode raster data import

  • BCT 3D-Raster Advanced Export provides configuration settings (target folder, image resolution, naming rules) to automatically generate neutral formats (e.g. TIFF, CALS, HPGL, PDF) from any NX parts or assemblies to visualize drawings

  • BCT 3D-Raster API provides provides programmable interface versions of the BCT 3D-Raster Advanced imports "raster2part" and "part2raster", which can be used as C/C++ routines in NX/Open or ITK form customer specific workflows


BCT 3D-Raster Visualization

Free add-in for NX that allows the visualization of the hybrid NX/raster files for anyone involved in the NX process.


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