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Quality Assurance: Manual or Automated?

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BCT Inspector identifies, labels and extracts (critical) design characteristics, giving them unique characteristic identifiers over the entire lifecycle of the part.

BCT Inspector facilitates the extraction of valuable knowledge from virtual product development. Thanks to the integration with PLM, this can be made available company-wide and integrated directly into the quality management processes.

The inclusion of both 2D data and 3D model information allows a smooth migration without data loss from a conventional drawing-oriented working method to a future completely 3D model-oriented extraction of data for quality management.

Potential error sources are eliminated, time effort is reduced to a minimum.

The integration of the BCT Inspector data with the quality management solution Teamcenter Quality as well as Opcenter Quality from Siemens Digital Industries Software represents an ideal complement. This results in a holistic solution that integrates quality management throughout the company's processes and exploits the optimization potential: Development processes can be accelerated and teamwork optimized.

Why Quality matters

Be Faster. Be more Successful. Save Money.


Successful New Product Introduction (NPI)


Reduction of Cost of Poor Quality for Internal Processes


Reduction of Cost of Poor Quality for External Processes

Deploying a standard EQMS System (Electronic Quality Management System) will bring a potential impact in terms of benefits in the above listed areas.

Source : LNS Research 2016 Quality Management in the Board Room: Building the Executive Business Case for EQMS



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Quality Management Process

Sounds simple in theory, but it has its challenges



Requirements of Quality Management

The requirements of quality management define the process for inspection planning. Planning cycles must be kept as short as possible to keep development costs low.

Characteristics are the key!

The process is simple. However, the work involved can be very time consuming, error prone, and as a result, very costly:

Characteristics must be easily and clearly identifiable

The design department creates the drawing and model, which are the source for the characteristics needed in quality management. The individual design characteristics are identified and numbered for inspection planning. The inspection planner creates the inspection planning based on the ballooned characteristics. The collected information can be reused in many areas:

  • Generation of (First Article) Inspection reports
  • Identification of design changes
  • Seamless transfer of data towards Electronic Quality Management Systems (EQMS) for further use, e.g. Siemens Teamcenter Quality / Opcenter Quality
  • Other reuse





But how to get this very important data the quickest and easiest way?

  • How is the ballooning of the characteristics done and by whom?
  • Does the designer know which data is relevant for inspection planning?
  • And what happens when design changes come into play?
  • How is it ensured that all changes can be transparently traced?
  • Have all changes been documented as required?
  • Does the inspection planner have the latest revision of the design or is he possibly even working with outdated data?
  • How can the cooperation between the departments be simplified?
  • What if characteristic numbers were assigned twice or characteristics critical for inspection planning were not ballooned at all?

BCT Inspector can get you on a safe and fast path!

We have clearly become faster, but this is not only thanks to the IT tools we use, but also to better cooperation between different areas.
Dr. Ralf Mayer
Head of R&D and IP
Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH
BCT Inspector appealed to me immediately because it offered a solution to our problem with continuous ballooning of features across revision levels.
Olaf Pforte
Head of Quality Management
BERNINA International AG
The seamless integration in Teamcenter allows us to manage the BCT Inspector data in a CAQ-ltem and to revise it independently from the drawing.
Philemon Handschin
IT assoc. Director
Zimmer GmbH



Case Study

BCT Inspector at Siemens Mobility.

Integrated BCT solutions in Siemens NX, Teamcenter and Opcenter Quality reduce the complexity of inspection planning.

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Case Study

Implementation of Quality Standards.

With BCT Inspector BERNINA is able to close the gap between design, production and quality department.

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  • opcenter_555x219_og

    Opcenter / Teamcenter Quality Integration

    In order to be able to perform inspection planning with the quality management software Opcenter Quality or Teamcenter Quality from Siemens Digital Industries Software, the characteristic data or requirements from the 3D model must be known. These can be transferred by the BCT Inspector to the Siemens software, where they can be further used for an effective quality management.

  • webinar_qs_pmi_555x291_og

    Ballooning of Drawings and 3D Models

    Unique identification and ballooning of characteristics in CAD models and drawings (NX, Solid Edge), JT-PMI models or neutral data such as PDF, TIFF, DXF or DWG, all based on the industry standards, guarantees collection of all relevant data.

  • inspection_report_555x291_og

    Generation of Inspection Reports

    Easily create FAI (First Article Inspection) or other inspection reports, customer-specific or change documentation reports. It lets you fulfill documentation requirements in the twinkling of an eye.

  • design_changes_555x291_og

    Revision Comparison for Design Change Identification

    Every change in drawing and model is automatically identified and can be displayed in both graphical and tabular comparison. It won't let you miss any (critical) design changes anymore.

  • supplier_555x291_og

    Integration of quality management and suppliers

    Smooth collaboration with quality management and suppliers: BCT Inspector provides a technical data package containing all relevant data for exchange with suppliers in manufacturing and quality management:

    • Complete table of characteristics
    • NX drawings in neutral format
    • Reference to JT PMI model
    • Independent of CAD system

    Unique feature numbers throughout the lifecycle of a part support collaboration between OEMs and suppliers.

Inspection Software Suite

Many Options. One Goal. Effective Quality Management.


BCT Inspector for NX

CAD integrated ballooning of model and/or drawing

  • Completely integrated into the CAD systems NX from Siemens Digital Industries Software
  • Automatic identification and ballooning of all (or individually chosen) characteristics on drawings and NX PMI models
  • Automatic transfer of design changes and update of characteristics list
  • Export of characteristics in different formats (Q-DAS Standard)
  • Integration in Active Workspace
  • Optional: direct export to Teamcenter


BCT Inspector RevCompare

Process automation thanks to batch processing

  • Automatic background identification and ballooning of all characteristics of NX model and/or drawing
  • Automated change identification and update of characteristics list
  • Report generation
  • Call as command line tool or in Teamcenter workflow
  • Integration in Active WorkspaceOptional: direct export to Teamcenter


Solid Edge Inspector

Automatically generates high-quality inspection data and reports

  • Fully integrated with Solid Edge
  • Automatic identification & balloning of characteristics on Solid Edge drawings and models
  • Automatic adoption of design changes and update of the characteristics list
  • Export of characteristic data in different formats (Q-DAS standard)
  • Optional: Direct export to Teamcenter
  • License issued and controlled via Siemens Digital Industries Software

BCT Inspector for Neutral Formats

Ballooning of model and drawing of other CAD systems and neutral formats

  • Automatic ballooning of DXF/DWG
  • Ballooning of drawings in neutral formats (PDF / TIFF) via text recognition (OCR)
  • Automatic identification/ballooning of JT PMI models (with semantic PMIs)
  • CAD-neutral visualization of characteristics from NX / Solid Edge
  • Generation of reports
  • Automatic change tracking in revisions
  • Optional: complete integration in Teamcenter Portal (open, balloon and save of characteristic data)
  • Integration in Active Workspace


BCT Inspector Viewer

Viewing and using of data exported by BCT Inspector

  • Viewing inspection data generated by BCT Inspector
  • Generation of FAI (First Article Inspection) and other reports
  • Revision comparison
  • Integration in Active Workspace

Benefits of BCT solutions for quality management

Reduced workload

Automatic ballooning saves time and errors and results in faster time-to-market.

Clear traceability

Unique ballooning of each feature throughout its lifecycle and change tracking feature.

Less error costs

Early identification of errors reduces errors and avoids higher costs.

Improved collaboration

Access to up-to-date revision history across departments significantly improves collaboration.

Customer Case Study


Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH automated inspection plan generation and saves up to 50% of the time

Read case study



Zimmer Group Robert Bosch Ethicon Allison Transmission Rolls-Royce Gira Giersiepen


Change identification - Active Workspace and NX

This video shows what ballooning of models in Teamcenter Active Workspace looks like. You can see all characteristic data generated by BCT Inspector. Changes in drawings and models are automatically identified and can be displayed in both graphical and tabular interface.

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Generation of (first article) inspection reports

Automated (First Article) Inspection Reports according to company and industry standard (e.g. AS9102), with a comprehensive output of data for manufacturing and quality departments,  allows a CAD-independent visualization of inspection characteristic lists.

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Integration with Opcenter Quality

The inspection planning data generated by BCT Inspector can be further used in Quality Management Systems. Opcenter Quality brings higher integration between processes, global user groups and manufacturers to suppliers. Opcenter Quality is a process-oriented, modular system that supports the closed-loop quality product lifecycle, managing complexities for planning, control and monitoring of processes and corporate quality. 

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Quality - No IFs no BUTs

Process consistent quality saves time and money.

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