BCT EasyPlot

Powerful output management solution

Large savings potential to find, select, view and process data from Teamcenter.


Automated demand driven document output.

From single drawings up to complete product structures - based on neutral formats.


Despite the digital world of today, on demand printing or processing of documents and drawings for further use in the company and throughout the supply chain is still often required.

BCT EasyPlot, completely integrated into Teamcenter and its data structures, enables an easy and comfortable access to all documents saved in Teamcenter as well as further processing, e.g. viewing, printing, export, mailing of single drawings of an item or even complete assembly structures.

Extensive filter capabilities allow a fast generation of individual output lists. Coversheets, watermarks and stamps complement the demand driven output for traceability.

Different Teamcenter Integrations


application connected to Teamcenter


integration in Teamcenter Rich Application Client


application connected to Teamcenter via HTTP/HTTPS

Active Workspace

integration to start reproduction processes from Active Workspace


  • Easy and comfortable viewing and plotting of Teamcenter documents and drawings, without having to load each single drawing

  • Company-wide access to Teamcenter information

  • Less time effort for IT through central configuration and administration

  • Easy creation of output lists and scheduling of print jobs allows efficient usage of printers and plotters
  • Configurable virtual output devices to allow for very flexible outputting to multiple printers, plotters or connected systems

  • Correct data output and automatic documentation (cover and error sheet) reduce misprints and save time and resources

  • Process and production assurance by stamping release information, e.g. drawing status

  • Monitoring plot jobs via Teamcenter Audit Manager logs

  • Drastic savings potential by relieving routine jobs


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Basic Use Cases

Various search capabilities

Printing / plotting

Attribute preview

Dataset type selection


BOM plotting


Send to email

Grouping of drawings

Advanced Use Cases

BOM filter

Auditing access

Print job documentation

Automatic creation of plot formats

Advanced search

Plot conversion

Create reports

Plot list

Access control

Stamping / watermarking

Batch printing

Configuration rules

Start print job in Active Workspace


BCT EasyPlot

Do you want to try out the powerful plot management solution for demand driven output of documents and drawings from Teamcenter? Great! Go ahead...


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And compiling and outputting them takes a lot of time?

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