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BCT CheckIt allows a simple and user-friendly validation of data in Teamcenter. The goal is an early identification of data and consistency errors to increase data and process quality in the company. Using 'No-code' functionality, rules can be defined in a very simple way.

Key Features

Use Cases





Ensuring quality of bill of materials

Bills of materials form the data basis for various processes in the company and must therefore be of high quality in terms of consistency and completeness.

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Effort reduction in Teamcenter workflows

Teamcenter workflows can become quite powerful due to the process logic. As a result, the generation and execution of a workflow takes more and more time.

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Intuitive rule design with BCT CheckIt Designer functionality

A new intuitive and modern user interface is available for administrators, to ease the configuration of BCT CheckIt validations and reduce administration work.

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Efficient processes

Automated review and processes avoid workflow interruptions and unnecessary iterations across the enterprise.

Cost reduction

The early detection and efficient correction of errors reduces error related failure costs.

Time Savings

Pre-checks and reduced workflow complexity lead to less manual effort for data checking as well as less workflow support requests.


Companywide product data quality and compliance requirements are assured and support downstream processes.

Advantages in all areas



  • Intuitive user interface
  • Group-/role dependent predefined rules
  • Less manual effort due to automated checks
  • Understandable instructions



  • Central rule configuration
  • Configurable error messages
  • Secure workflow processes avoid interruptions
  • Less workflow support requests



  • Faster company processes
  • Less iterations in subsequent processes
  • Companywide assurance of product data quality
  • Avoidance of failure cost

Video Corner

Create a new check with 'no-code' functionality

Watch how easy and intuitive you can create, deploy and run a new check with BCT CheckIt Designer - the new graphical user interface provided for administrators. It can be accessed via web browser or Active Workspace.


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Create bill of material check with BCT CheckIt Designer

This video will show you how to create, deploy and run a BOM check in BCT CheckIt Designer and Teamcenter.


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Early validation of SAP and Teamcenter data

See how BCT CheckIt enables you to check if a bill of material is already existing in SAP - prior to release.


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Customer References


Case Study

Bill of Materials quality under control

Automatic check of BOMs during data transfer from PLM to ERP at DOLL Fahrzeugbau


Customer Reference Video

Roller coaster ride through the release process

Sit down, buckle up, and let our customer INTAMIN - one of the leading manufacturers of amusement rides for theme parks - take you along their "Roller Coaster Ride Through The Release Process".


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