Early validation of SAP and Teamcenter data with BCT CheckIt

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The consistent integration of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) into business processes also includes the linking of technical product information with business and logistics data for order processing. For a holistic process design, smooth communication between the software solutions used in each case is of fundamental importance.

More and more medium-sized manufacturing companies therefore rely on the networking of their ERP and PLM solutions to achieve efficient and consistent data flows - from design to production.

No production planning without production BOM

Only if BOM information from the design department is immediately available, purchasing and production planning can ensure the availability and timely provision of purchased and in-house manufactured parts. With the help of BCT CheckIt the existence of the BOM in SAP can be checked at an early stage of the assembly release.

This is where you can benefit from the flexibility and versatility of BCT CheckIt. By using an SAP web service and the BCT CheckIt URL Response Check this requirement can be realized.

In our example, depending on the ERP transfer status, it is checked whether the production BOM already exists in SAP for the SAP material number stored on the design part. If a BOM already exists, the workflow will not be started.

Creating the validation and publishing in Teamcenter

  • Specify the URL of the SAP Web Service, followed by individually configurable parameters. Fixed values ​​as well as variable Teamcenter attribute values ​​such as ItemRevision/bct4_comp_i_string_01 can be used to start the corresponding Web Service call.
  • "Expected Response" is used to define when a check is successful and when not.
  • In addition, corresponding messages can be defined to inform the user what the problem is.


Running the check in Active Workspace

Use Cases:
Check for ERP transfer status = 2

  • ERP transfer status = 2 → Perform 'SAP material number manufacturing BOM'
  • ERP transfer status ≠ 2 → Skip further checks (as not relevant)


Use Case Video

View the following video to understand the use case even better. The video shows how to configure the validation in BCT CheckIt and how to run the check in Active Workspace.



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