Consistent identification of design changes

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Identification and documentation of design changes between different versions of a drawing or 3D model requires considerable manual effort. This not only takes an enormous amount of time, but also involves a glaring risk of overlooking quality-relevant changes and is thus a highly error-prone process. This can have unpleasant consequences, and not only in industries with extremely high-quality standards: Quality losses, delivery delays, error costs, etc.

Learn more about this topic in the below blog and view our OnDemand webinar "Using Characteristics Data Across Different Revisions".

Revision comparison with BCT Inspector for automatic identification of design changes


The use of BCT Inspector enables automation of the process for consistent identification of design changes. BCT Inspector identifies, labels, and extracts all (critical) design features and assigns them unique feature/identification numbers, consistently for all revisions over the entire lifecycle of the part. Manual effort can be minimized and the risk of overlooking design changes eliminated. Comparing two revisions of the same design is very easy with the help of BCT Inspector: both graphically and in tabular form. The user gets a complete overview of the changed features within the different revisions thanks to the automatically generated feature lists.


„BCT Inspector appealed to me immediately because it offered a solution to our problem with continuous ballooning of features across revision levels.“

Olaf Pforte, Head of Quality Management,
BERNINA International AG

Read more about the safe and efficient implementation of quality standards at BERNINA.


Take the first step with BCT Inspector. Lay the foundation for a new level of quality management in your company with automated change identification.

How? Watch our OnDemand webinar "Using Characteristics Data Across Different Revisions".

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