Automated E-Mails in a Teamcenter approval process

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The BCT TC Toolbox is a collection of useful solution modules complementary to the Teamcenter functionality, which support the user and administrator in working with Teamcenter.

This also includes workflow components - different handler for Teamcenter Workflows. One of the useful functions we will describe in the following article.

BCT Notify Handler

The BCT Notify Handler provides comprehensive features, which offer users a better documentation of the status in Teamcenter for automatically running processes.

It allows to automatically send an email at any point in a release process to individuals or groups.

The main advantage of the handler (also in comparison to Teamcenter standard) is its flexibility in the use of Teamcenter attributes, which can be used in the templates and thus for the structure of the emails, using attribute variables. They can be set in the text as well as in the subject of the email template.

This allows the definition of the subject content not only by a fixed text or transfer parameter of the workflow, but also by placeholders of attributes of an attached target or reference. For example, the ERP attributes such as order number or position number of a revision attached to the workflow, can be used in the subject of the generated email.


By entering the following parameters, a flexible output of the subject line is possible:

"Spare Parts Drawing for $ {ItemRevision/BCT_GE_FORM:Form/bct_string_22}, $ {ItemRevision/BCT_GE_FORM:Form/bct_string_26} released"

On this basis an email with the following subject would be generated:
"Spare Parts Drawing for 44639922, 100 released"


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