Case Study

Optimize Teamcenter workflows with BCT CheckIt

Henny Penny Corporation

Henny Penny Corporation is a global manufacturer of premium food service equipment

The company is headquartered in Eaton/Ohio, USA




  • Henny Penny uses NX and Teamcenter in product development. For historical reasons, there are additional systems that are connected to Teamcenter
  • The data quality of the involved systems causes some problems
  • Errors often occur during publishing, such as missing datasets, Teamcenter attributes or access rights
  • All this leads to a high expenditure of time for troubleshooting. Often the administrators also have to be involved



  • Triggering of the workflows by external sources should be simplified
  • Reduction of publishing errors
  • Faster troubleshooting and issue resolving


Lessons Learned

  • With the help of BCT CheckIt, Henny Penny was able to significantly simplify the processes for the users and administrators
  • For many different individual process components that take place in the various additional systems, a check was created with BCT CheckIt that consists of several individual checks. These BCT CheckIt checks can be started in Teamcenter at any time
  • After the check with BCT CheckIt, an interactive test report is displayed, which contains all the results of the individual tests
  • Customizable error messages and hints enable users to quickly identify and eliminate the cause of the error

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