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Identification of Design Changes in Teamcenter and Active Workspace



Characteristics management with BCT Inspector


Nowadays most companies need to continuously improve their processes to stay ahead of their competitors. One of the main reasons for inefficient processes are manual activities. This includes tracking design changes, a task that is usually time-consuming and error-prone.

For this reason, rapid and accurate identification and traceability of design changes are essential to the change management process in the manufacturing industry. Avoiding missed items and mistakes in this process can achieve significant time and cost savings.


Identification of characteristics in models and drawings


It is therefore necessary to find a way to capture design revisions and associated changes faster and to incorporate them into downstream processes. The quality management tool BCT Inspector provides an intelligent comparison of drawings, models and bill of characteristics. Furthermore, it identifies, labels and extracts characteristics, giving them unique identifiers over the lifecycle. In addition, it automatically identifies every engineering change that has occurred and generates a semi-automated change documentation.

Our on-demand webinar shows how the identification of design changes in Teamcenter and Active Workspace can be improved using BCT Inspector.

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