Case Study

Quality management with BCT Inspector 

Continuous linking of drawing data from design to the shopfloor at Siemens Mobility GmbH

Integrated BCT solutions in Siemens NX, Teamcenter and Opcenter Quality reduce the complexity of inspection planning

In order to optimize the inspection planning for Siemens Mobility GmbH, a linking of the inspection data with the design data was made possible 



Many different software solutions and programs complicate the inspection process for Siemens Mobility GmbH.

  • High manual effort for a detailed inspection on the part of the inspector and worker

  • Entering the characteristics in Siemens Opcenter Quality (formerly QMS Professional) takes additional time and is prone to errors

  • Linking the design data with the inspection data

  • Reduce complexity in inspection planning


The key to success

  • Inspection planning with Siemens Opcenter Quality management software requires characteristic data from 3D model

  • BCT Inspector transfers this data directly to Siemens Opcenter Quality for effective quality management

  • BCT Inspector enables characteristic identification and ballooning of geometry and part

  • Over the entire life cycle of the part, its inspection characteristics are kept

  • Critical characteristics can be taken over into the inspection planning process and are sent to Siemens Opcenter Quality

  • During a revision of the geometry data, the BCT Inspector automatically recognizes the changes of the ballooned characteristics

The results

  • Process stability and continuous process documentation

  • Automatic update of the feature list in case of design changes (incl. backtracking)

  • The integrated software solution reduces the complexity for the worker with the help of feature- and work-specific guidance through the inspection process

  • Continuous linking of drawing data from design to the shop floor

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Siemens Mobility GmbH


quality management with BCT Inspector 

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