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Using Characteristics Data Across Different Revisions

Identification of changes within different revisions by using an unique characteristics identification.



Identification and documentation of design changes between different versions of a drawing or 3D model requires considerable manual effort. This not only takes an enormous amount of time, but also involves a glaring risk of overlooking qualityrelevant changes and is thus a highly error-prone process. This can have unpleasant consequences, and not only in industries with extremely highquality standards. The use of BCT Inspector enables automation of the process for consistent identification of design changes. Manual effort can be minimized and the risk of overlooking design changes eliminated.


Watch our ondemand webinar and see for yourself the many benefits BCT Inspector can offer you:

  • Reduction of the time required for change identification and documentation by up to 95%
  • Better integration and collaboration of different areas such as design, quality assurance and manufacturing
  • Enormous increase in user satisfaction
  • Error reduction by 80% compared to manual identification
  • Avoidance of error costs in downstream processes
  • Competitive advantages thanks to consistently high and reliable product quality

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