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Simplification of daily tasks in Teamcenter


Handle complexities with BCT CheckIt to increase data compliance and process consistency.

Teamcenter is a powerful tool to manage daily business challenges. However, to adapt complex business processes, complex workflows have to be realized in Teamcenter which requires multifaceted process logic.

As a result, more work and time is needed on administration tasks as well as for users to complete their daily tasks. Time is lost in adherence which in turn can be used for tasks creating value for the company.


How about having a tool handling these complexities instead of you having to do so?


With BCT CheckIt you can significantly reduce the complexities of workflows and improve data compliance. BCT CheckIt helps users to maintain correct data in the system and to have valid data sent to processes and external systems (such as ERP). Integrated is an easy to use yet quite powerful intuitive user interface for designing rules.

Watch our on demand webinar and see how you can increase data quality in Teamcenter while making your processes more stable. And you can believe us, this results in even more advantages (see below).

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