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Automated Generation Of Inspection Reports

Generation of inspection reports based on engineering information without additional quality management software.



Detailed inspection planning is essential for quality assurance. However, the creation of inspection reports such as First Article Inspection (FAI) or customerspecific reports for inspection planning involves considerable manual effort. Many inspection characteristics such as geometry and component properties must be identified, numbered, and documented. The mostly manual transfer of the data into a table of values and the generation of the corresponding inspection reports represent an additional time factor and an increased risk of error in the quality process.

The use of BCT Inspector can reduce manual efforts for inspection report generation to a minimum and significantly reduce the risk of errors.

Join our webinar and see for yourself the many benefits BCT Inspector can offer you:

  • Reduction of the time required for feature identification by up to 95%
  • Approx. 80% fewer errors in the complete documentation of relevant characteristics
  • Better integration through direct linking of the inspection data with the design data
  • 50% of time savings in inspection plan generation
  • Increase in product and process quality thanks to increased process stability and end-to-end process documentation
  • Ensure characteristics identification across different revisions

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